Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Throne Once Again Is Occupied

There was a throne once , the ruler of which chose to abdicate. The reasons were unknown. And yet, today, the King has decided to return. The best interests of both the King and his kingdom are served. And I delight in this turn of events. The uncertainty is ended. The chaos forgotten. All that reigns is the serenity of still air.

Had an amazingly deep discussion today with a batchmate. We covered theology, philosphy and contrasting viewpoints on choice, Fate, life...and of course Death. After all, no discussion can be complete without thinking of Death. It is after all the destination our lives are headed to. Ultimately, while some may fear it and some avoid thinking of it, it is the end, and the beginning. The one thing that noone can explain and yet the one thing that everyone must face.

Is there a God? Probably not. At least not the way we are taught to believe. After all, if everything you are taught about God is true, then how does one explain life? As my colleague mentioned, it would make life "more illogical and irrational than I care to admit". It would kind of bear out that dialogue, "God's an absentee landlord".

I'm getting drawn into this cesspool of thoughts after today's conversation. After a long time, I delved in within again....deep within...and the results were pleasing and frightening at the same time. All the answers lie within. The whys and hows are all answered within...and yet we "seek". And we seek outside. Why do some of us need answers while the rest are happy to live in ignorance? Are they happy? Is happiness real. If you ask me, happiness is a fleeting moment of insanity. A mirage, a myth that we want to believe in......because it hides the truth for the moment that it clouds our vision.

And yet, I meet another person who looks at me and says I delve too deep....and that, as per him, is the reason for what he terms my cynicism. But am I really a cynic? Or, as I like to believe, a realist?Are they really that different in today's world?


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. (Yeh, like you need an endorsement!).. --> God, is not something, which can be debated or argued upon, principally it lies in the matter of belief.. and the bottomline and the only line is that each man believes in only WHAT appeals to him~~.. whether the appeal is good or wrong is always relative... you see a hindu zealot, or another fanatic and in their heart of hearts, they are right!.. you cant show them 'your-version' of reason and make them understand.. as you have later mentioned, all comes from with-in.. in words of a 'wise man'... " Say not that there are no pearls in the sea bed, just because you cannot find them.... ".......... --> Death : Everyone has to face, so what about it... --> Didnt understand the relevance of the throne and the king with the rest of the blog... or maybe went overhead, ha..


Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmmm....the part of the King was actually an abstract way of framing myframe of mind. Didn't want to be direct and yet wanted to write it down....to look back on later.

As for Death, well, in a way Death provides a foundation for several takes on life.....if you ignore it, somehow, the picture is never complete. We got into that when we were discussing choice vs Fate and theology and Death provided the starting point.

neeta said...

Ah.. so I see the decision's been made... was kinda hoping it would be the other one... but hell, I am a good one to say, I did and do the same.

delving too deep? is there such a thing as too deep when its you that you are looking within? And as for cynicism, I feel it makes it easier to get through life with it than without it. To me, cynicism is an inevitability, a direct result of living. Could be different for others.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Neeta, cynicism is just a word to deride realism in my opinion. It makes life easier...yes, but that's because you are more prepared to face reality. An optimist lives eternally as the ostrich. The "happy" lot go through far worse depressions when life hits them.

The supposed cynic interprets things in tune with reality. His feet are on the ground...and that is why he is more likely to find contentment.

Anonymous said...

"We live to stop death. Eating,
inventing, loving, praying,
fighting, killing -- choose a
verb. All to stall this evil,
Job's 'king of terrors.' But what
do we really know about it?
Nobody comes back.
There's a point, when your mind
out-lives its obsessions, when
your habits survive your dreams,
when your losses... You wonder,
may be death is a gift."

Its from some movie, I don't remember the name. But it has certainly changed the way i used to look at death.

- G