Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Saudi Arabia look out! Here comes India!

China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. And now India. What hallowed company to join in "freedom of expression" quotient! Yet that is what Kapil Sibal and this Congress government want us to do! I can of course, see where they are coming from. It's vote bank politics.

Certain sections of certain communities have taken offense to criticism by others. Any others. And any criticism, whether valid or not. Appealing to the more radical sections of these communities is what the Congress is trying to do in this desperate attempt at communally divisive politics to divert attention from their horrifyingly corrupt and inept reign thus far.

The economy is in tatters, inflation is alarmingly high, policy is paralyzed and corruption is at highs that haven't been seen since Mugabe's awesome run in Zimbabwe. They can't or rather, don't want to, do anything about these issues, since they enrich them, so they're taking the easier route - communal politics. I wait to see how the media will pitch this. Will they have the bollocks to call the game as it is? Or will the paid minions and stooges of the Congress continue to pitch this as a brave Congress being the secular party here - batting to protect religious sentiments while any opponents - my hopes lie with you, BJP, on this one - are the communal ones?

It's an alarming situation overall. There are several posts one sees that may be objectionable all over cyberspace. But that is the definition of freedom of opinion, speech and expression! How could the Congrress defend MF Hussain and then take this stand here? Simple. Communal politics. I'd like to see anyone try to defend the Congress from that allegation - communal politics by the Congress - again.

Coming as it does - at the same time as the criminally awful Communal Violence Bill - it is quite clear what game the Congress is playing at. That Bill is the most biased, poorly drafted and legally nonsensical Bill I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. I don't see it being passed. In fact, I doubt very much if even the Congress sees it being passed. Drafted as it is by a committee founded and headed by Sonia, it is clearly however, a deeply planned move. So, like I said, it has to have a tie-in with the other things the party is doing...and it does.

Think about the major policy directions taken by the party recently.

1. The Communal Violence Bill
2. Rahul the Oaf's push for reservation on religious lines.
3. The decision to censor "communally sensitive" material on the Net.

If the minority community that has been targeted with these moves does not see this game for what it is and still goes ahead and votes for the Congress, the country is doomed. For that will be the clearest signal ever to the whole political spectrum that a large chunk of the country's population will vote for inept government as long as a certain narrow religious interest is projected as being served. We will then be safely able to abandon all hope of ever seeing real development agendas in politics as all politicians will be falling over themselves to be more "secularly" communal than the next. I fear that's exactly what will happen, but till such time as those fears are proved true, there remains hope. Forlorn, but still, hope.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hammering Home

Gary Speed's passing has just reminded me of something I remember thinking about a long time back. If I'm not wrong, I even wrote something stout it at one time. It seems strange to a lot of people, but sometimes the people that the world thinks have it best, are the ones that think of life as hopeless and a dead-end. It's never about the obvious. It's in the mind and the inner Self that life is lived. The rest is but a damned mess.

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a dangerous game you're playing Diggy...

Diggy has been quite the character over the past few months. But he's playing a dangerous game. In a lot of ways, it's easy to see what he is playing at. He and his entire party are pinning their hopes on some key assumptions: 1. The Indian people are stupid and will vote for them anyway. 2. The media is so corrupt now that they'll ensure that the fence-sitters are pushed into their corner. 3. Even if they don't win, they'll have left behind such a mess that the next government will be destined to fail to solve it and will therefore never win again. One just has to hope he is wrong and I get the feeling that he is at times skating on impossibly thin ice. But he is after all just an idiot puppet mouthing off the words that a former waitress and now Queen Spider, wants him to spout, say some people and they are right in saying that what he says is exactly what she and her guides demand. But she is no idiot and even if she herself is, some of her coterie are not. They are some of the most seasoned, corrupt and criminal brains in the world. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind therefore, that it is a well thought out gamble and a shrewd bet that the party is making. Each of their assumptions has a solid foundation and the party is trying to play the odds. Oh well... More later I guess.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ice Creams are for Fandroids...

So apparently Android is out with yet another OS version. I suppose this just means that the Galaxy S II et al are now outdated and obsolete?

I somehow can't understand the Fandroids that keep touting the new OS release as a vindication of their decision to opt for Android. It borders on bizarre for a number of reasons:

1. I can't seem to recall any of these Fandroids ever getting an OS update on their own phones. The ones that bought phones with 2.2 when that was the latest things are now on...2.2. The sheer fragmentation of the market means that the OEMs never bother to release OS updates for their older models. Effectively therefore, you're stuck with the OS you have.
Which is in complete contrast with iOS. Even people with two and a half year old iPhone 3GSes are rocking along with iMessage and iCloud. No issues, completely seamless. Now, THAT is an upgrade path...

2. Android's catching up on apps, scream the Fandroids. Well, maybe they are, though I really think that's debatable at best. Now, how many apps work on any given device though? Apps, as any developer would tell you, need to be built for an OS as well as a screen resolution, at the very least. Now, given the fragmentation, that's an issue! I know several of these Fandroids who actually admit that when it comes to their own models, several apps are not compatible and several that are, were actually available for months on iOS as well as even some other Android models and even Nokia and WP7 before being available for them. So much for cutting edge, eh?
Again, iOS offers a total contrast. One platform means that an app is available when it's in the App Store. Simple as. Nothing more to it...

3. Looks, UI and UX. With all due respect, I wouldn't be seen dead with any of the present Android phones, having used iDevices and Nokia. The phones are at best plasticky and, most of the time, downright cheap and ugly. As for the UI, the less said the better. Personal choice you say? Show me a person who prefers any Android phone to an iPhone on these parameters and I'll show you a liar. Android had a long way to catch up on these metrics when it started and if anything, it has further to catch up now. And please don't slate me for being a fanboi here. I rate almost all Nokia smartphones (key word, 'smartphone') as being far superior on looks and hardware. As for UI and UX, well, iOS is way off ahead in the distance and WP7 too is well ahead of Android. It's lucky for Android that MS planted Elop at Nokia, because the N9 with Meego also looked well ahead of the curve compared to Android.

4. The ability to customize is the name of the game, I hear the Fandroids say now... Well, let's put it this way. Fandroids that 'customize' first root their devices. Well, for root, read jailbreak and now let's talk, shall we?  In any case, just what IS this customization that Fandroids talk about? I actually don't get this part. Most can hardly seem to get their phones to work without a lag, so I'd welcome any answers on this one... "What is the customization you do on your Androids that I can't do on iOS?"

5. iOS - "It just works."

Enough said.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Man Who Changed the World...

Steve Jobs - you shall be missed. For once, the hype and mourning is richly deserved. Just yesterday, a friend and I discussed what the future holds for mobile devices. Whatever that may be, it just seem that bit less exciting in a non-Jobs future...