Thursday, January 13, 2005

Master of Puppets

A few days back, when I mentioned that each person has facets within our personality, someone retorted that in fact, we don't HAVE facets, we just choose to develop and project them. Set me thinking about whether he was voicing a different viewpoint or whether he was just stating what I had said differently, at the fundamental level.

We do indeed try to choose just how to project ourselves. But can't there actually be various facets of our own selves that we choose to project? After all, I may choose only to show a jovial side to a set of people. But that doesn't have to mean that the people who see a manic depressive see wrong. Read some books on this.....can't say they helped.....for the first time I realized what it's like to be the audience for someone who loves being abstract :D

Is it good to be open with people? To let them see you for what you really are in all aspects? To let them really know you? My opinion has always been that it's not. It's better to be guarded and let as few people know you as possible. Choose those people wisely and you will be better off. Yet someone started arguing this with me recently. Noticed his nick then (it was an online argument) was "X". Errr....thanks, so you revel in the use of the anonymity of cyberspace to state your view that we should be open....ironic?

Crime and punishment, the battle's eternal,
The convict sentenced to a lifetime in our world,
The worst seems past, the mind's so blank,
The reasons beneath, lost in a whirlpool of time,
Blinded by joy, punishment forgotten,
Treading on streets with a carefree face,
The lasting misery never seems to be real,
Enthusiasm spills as he joins the mad race

Ranged against a plethora of beings,
Each with his burdens, each one to his own mind free,
The spirit battered but still so supreme,
The road ahead seems suddenly so steep,
Fatigue setting in but pushed on by a rage,
To ensure he's not just a bit-man on the stage,
But playing a role he chooses to play,
He's as free to dance as a puppet on strings

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