Tuesday, January 11, 2005


One needs to view everything with the right perspective. I'm sick of hearing that line. What is the right perspective? Everyone has a way of thinking. I have mine and I can't change it. I look at every situation from every possible angle. But can it really be said what the appropriate angle is? There will be takers for every possible angle, every perspective. Some think purely logically, as if everything was a transaction. Some think otherwise and look at other aspects.

While I may think there is one angle that is more important for me than the others, there will be thousands who think I am wrong. Yet, can anyone really pronounce judgment? No! Because it is only when YOU, yourself are on the spot that you realize the pressures, the pulls that determine your decisions. How can someone on the outside tell me what's right for me, not knowing the position I am in....and more importantly the way I perceive my position and my priorities?

I thought of this today when I found myself on the verge of telling a person about "perspective". And about how to view things....and then I realized that I too have yet to find "perspective", yet to define the whys and wherefores.....

Wrote something after quite some time today....maybe it's just the pointlessness of sitting in an IIML classroom that drives me to this.....perhaps I should get GPRS and blog from class ;-). Wonder if that's possible.....somehow the best ideas flow in class.....

Skies of blue reflecting the red haze,
A rattlesnake coiled but killed before strike,
The mazes that confuse with the million ways,
Show me just one, the rest my mind never evaluates

The working of the complexity framed by my hands,
Hits the mind with the simplicity of denial,
The crime of innocence like a fish on land,
The torment dies, but it takes its time

Overflow of time, heavy on my hands,
Emptiness inside keeps the mind so occupied,
And barren lands where once a deer ran,
Extend so far, the end evades sight

The most jumbled thoughts, the messiest mind,
Perceives the beauty hidden in the depths of the mire,
And in the plentiful dearth time flies by,
As destiny again makes a mockery of choice....


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you...
While some of your decisions or ideas may sound odd to other ppl, only YOU can judge if you're right in your place or not! Just being yourself and not allowing other factors affecting you is the way to go! And if you're doing that, then you're viewing things from the right perspective...

Sumit said...

Hmm.. I have found my perspective changing with times..
"As destiny again makes a mockery of choice.... " - very true buddy..