Saturday, February 26, 2005

In The Corner of My Mind

Scribbling time again. It's amazing what a good prof can do to stimulate you. "I don't know mathematics, that is why I call it outsourcing", said the prof....and I was off....mentally that is. I mean, he's right in a way, I guess....after all, "what's in a name, outsourcing by any other name would be as cheap", I guess, is what he meant to say....

Sometimes, a forced change of perspective does one a world of good. A week ago, this statement would have had a very different effect on me. Today however, I had a good laugh and just shut out the rest of the lecture.....

When it's time to pretend,
I just want to run and hide,
From the morning light,
That long-lost will to fight,
Every ray pierces my eyes,
Clouded too long by sights,
Of things you said to deceive,
Things I did to make believe

I may never have excelled,
But you didn't even try,
Just lived a dead man's life,
Or was it something behind,
The shell so hard, so cracked,
It's what was once inside,
In each corner of it you find,
A me that never was I


Zarine said...

Reading your poem always makes me feel good,Mike. :)

DJK said...