Sunday, February 13, 2005

Peering At The Ceiling

Exams do this to me sometimes....can't stop my mind wandering.....guess that explains my grades.....and yeah, I apologize if I'm boring the crap out of you....but hey, like I've said's my blog ;-)

Something fights to stay alive,
Twitch catching the corner of his eye,
He turned to look and heaved a sigh,
And walked away into the night

The clouds descend and devour the land,
Save the thorn upon the arm of man,
But heads are raised and will try,
The will of man to defy

A walk on down lanes of memories,
By chance his own shadow he meets,
But seeing what he does not believe,
Peering through the glass at the mystery

No one talks and no one speaks,
But the words swirl in the air he breathes,
The body’s still but thoughts deny,
A long lost friend, a peace of mind

Strolling perchance by the lands,
He’d so often wished he’d never find,
Cracking of twigs from behind,
He looks for shadows he can’t find

Sleep eternal he can’t deny,
Fighting the urge to shut the eyes,
A desperate glance inside will find,
Wild thoughts turning to that first time

Crawling back to the hole behind,
Lying with face turned to the sky,
Beckoning to him that walks on by,
In vain he tries to catch his eye

With morning will come rays of light,
Shining through the leaves above him,
What will they find, a truth or the lie?
His fight’s over, it’s time to die…


Anonymous said...

Complete the poem.....tht's an abrupt ending :)


Anonymous said...

for me exams r synonymous with the best sleep ever;)i hate exams...anyways good luck for your

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hey, thanks Zarine...that was a CCP error from Word to the editor...missed 2 verses....

Red, I know JUST what you mean....slept like a baby last night...and now realize I don't know a damn thing about today's paper :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi M, enjoy Valentine's day :)

tony said...

Hi. just passing by,..

drop into my blog

and hey happy Valentine's day

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hey anonyous, not fair....leave the initials at least!!!!

Tony, did come to ur blog. Nice....but for some freaky reason, I'm not able to leave comments on rediff blogs :-(. Not even able to doodle....ah well...

Sumit said...

Exams really fuel my creativity.. Especially if its a surprise!! As our BL prof. says - "I got a lot of archival material! I can write a book now.."

Ellie said...

I wonder why am I stuck with just one theme all my poems! Somewhere there seems to be a mindblock about writing anything else...

Me too has observed how I go into poetic overdrive during exams...wrote around 7-8 soul searching poems during my 12th boards! Prolly the reason for screwing them is not necessary anymore ...:-p

Ellie said...

Oops...belated sahi..But Happy Valentine's day....:-)