Thursday, February 24, 2005

When You Look At It That Way....

Been offline the past few days for a multitude of reasons. But feeling great today. Refreshed almost. Inspite of the busted nose (bled a river), cut lip and everything else, top of the world! And no, the nose and lip were not busted in a fight over a woman or wrestling crocodiles in the river. I just happened to fall!

I wonder how many of us have been typecast by people around. You know, called things like "fun", "bright", "spontaneous"....that's normal, but how about "slimy", "unpredictable" and then that word, "fast"! It came up in a discussion I was having with a friend and immediately I was back in college. Fab memory for me, to be honest.

"He's fast, you know. When he's in Bombay he's either lying drunk and stoned on a beach or he's in bed with some woman". Wow! What a reputation to have!!! And all within the span of three days, three days in which I hadn't even SPOKEN to any of the women on campus! Quite confounding to be honest....and amusing of course.

My father had (most annoyingly) decided to accompany "poor" me to campus to see me off (Boy, was he disappointed when I appeared soooo relieved to see him leave), and so quite obviously, I had been on a streak of abstinence while he was around (he still doesn't know my "bad" habits) so it was quite amusing to think about how I acquired that reputation :-D

But well, let's face it. I liked it. It was like, you know, flattering. After all, if the women found it so easy to believe that I was a womaniser (they believed I had like a ton of girlfriends whom I kept swapping and changing) then, there must obviously be something they found attractive. still struggling to find just what that thing was....but still, I can take heart I guess.....there is hope ;-)

Sad to say, I spent the my stay in college happily single. Contradiction in that line? Well, the sad part comes fdrom the fact that I was single outside college as well :-(. The only interest evinced in me was by a woman 2 years my senior who thought that if I was such hot property, there must be something to me. Sadly (once again), she graduated too early.

And of course, there was that amazing scene when I was confronted by a friend of mine who said, "Well, we have been seeing each other for quite some I really think it's time to get serious". And I was like, "Ummm....errr.....we're seeing each other???? Coz like, errr....this is like, to me". And I was just looking at her and my mouth must have been hanging open creating a look as if I was impersonating a goldfish or something......but like, seriously, how does one react when someone you regard as merely a casual acquaintance tells you that you have been seeing her???????

Ah well, life's like that I guess....when you look at it that way.... :-)


The Serpent Saint said...

LOL!! Wow! Goldfishes and crocodiles and of course woman.

Quite an interesting collection of animals you have her friend!

Perhaps you need to check....either you deserve to tbe on a catwalk in Paris or your dad is some Mr Moneybags.

And if its neither of have been gifted with some rather extraordinary powers.

Heheh.....take care and have a nice evening

Zarine said...

Roflol.The best thing is,you do nothing and the gossip mills are busy churning out rumours.Free PR ;).

Anonymous said...

guess people gossip and make ur blad life more colourful only the colours are virtual:)

Anonymous said...


Insidemamind said...

Lol! I really liked the way you began ur post.. After reading about your busted nose and lips, I thought u were bashed up by someone.. :)

Being typecasted is quite natural.. People call me "nasty", "chubby" and what not!
The seeing each other thing sounded very funny...I mean - you must have got a big shock hearing that..Lol!
Anyway hope to see another great post from you soon :)

Darth Midnightmare said...

SerpSt.: Thanx for dropping by. But really, I'm no model....nor is my dad Scrooge McD (wish he had a money bin ;-) )

Zarine: Yep, I loved that. Suddenly I was the most recognised guy on campus. :D

Red: You betcha, livened things up like nothing before :D

Insidemamind: Thanx for droppin' in. And yeah, it was a shocker. It was like umm.....being hit by an express train right in the pit of the stomach :D. Never been so lost for words... :-)

Puneet said...

if it was that easy understanding W and meeting intresting W , things would be a breeze , alas ... its a hurricance .