Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Red-Wash

It's nice to win...specially when your opponents have been cribbing for ages about how you "cheated" them to win the last time out. So, when Manchester United thrashed the daylights out of Arse-null at Highbury, it gave me a feeling of immense pleasure.

Truly, a stunning display by the Red Devils, stamping their authority on the whingers that constitute the Arse-null squad and proving in the best possible way which the better team is. The last three times these teams have met have all resulted in ManU any Arse-null fan (is there any such thing?) who wants to claim that Arse-null are better than ManU can just go and drown himself or start watching some football......

Anyway, enough of gloating....shall end this one here.


Govar said...

With reference to ur comment in my blog:

Well, the problem is with we B-schoolers too. We tend to take the BS and think that thats all we get. I too worked for coupla years, and I still believe we learn quite a lot in a B-school. I know I have about 50% of B-schoolers disagreeing with me, but what did we personally know abt "Which organizatioon strucutre was bettter for what", "What is the ideal queue length" OM, What is really the objective of a firm (Fin), and where to invest for the given money?

Kotler is BS, yes, but not everything is. Maybe I was bad before coming here, but I do see a lot of good learnings from B-schools - and this aint for the sake of argument! :)

Darth Midnightmare said...

Structure. Great theory....but to very honest, I have seen 2 organizations in the same business who are equally successful with diametrically opposite structures, neither of which the Org Struc theory would "approve" of. How do I justify this?

As for investment, err....Warren Buffet is every man's idol in that field......I dunno how much Fin he was taught....and hey, research has shown that the returns you get on a randomly selected portfolio is just the same as that picked by investment "gurus", Fin "Gods". How do you justify these things, specially the last bit?

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all disputing the fact that a deep practical experience if far more insightful than an academic course. Your quote than an experience in Fin sector teaches more than a regular course is true too. But my point is: our courses are structured to learn the basics of almost all of the important facets of management. I don't see a single field or organization that teaches you the entire gamut of things. We might work and know momre in a field - but we might be completely be unaware about a lot of things in other fields. We don't know which patch is green.

And countering your point, I remember the last class in organizaational theory when our prof highlighted a company with no structure, and still one of the best in business. But then, our theory teaches about rules, more than exceptions. Such outliers just can't be taught about in our timeframe.

Anyway, will probably post a blog on this coz I seem to be at loggerheads with half of the b-schoolers. :)

injinuity said...

U are a manure fan eh? grrrr... change loyalties mate.. I welcome you to the kop camp.. with Liverpool F.C you will never walk alone.. come in..come in.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Muhahahahaha!!! We came, we saw, we conquered. At Anfield....errr...YOU were the guys walking alone!! Am sure Jerzy felt that way...and Stevie G.....and the rest of them!! Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would I change loyalties?