Sunday, October 02, 2005

Catch 22; Tag 55....

I hate writing short sentences and I am sure that if you have ever read anything that I have written, which I think we can safely assume you have, if you have ever been to this place before, then you can't have missed the long sentences that I am accustomed to writing, of which, this very sentence is a shining example. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I am totally inept in the "art" of writing short, staccato sentences. I do not - not for a single moment even - doubt that were I to write those, they would make for terrible reading (though of course, a few may hold the same view about this style as well, but hey, like I've said before, it's my blog!!!), but I am quite sure that I could write those.....

The point being? Well, I've been tagged....and tagged to write, of all things, a story in 55 words!!!! 55 words for a story? Damn, I guess my average sentence has that many words, if of course, one includes all those words that I am used to putting within parentheses and hyphens and the like (These words are just within parentheses to give you an idea of what I am accustomed to doing.....just in case you've never noticed these before.....fat chance of that happening I know, but still.....don't like to take chances you know....)

Well, me being the nice person that I am, I decided to have a go at it anyway you know. So, while at it, in my typical style I actually came up with 2 of these mini-stories. Now, don't go ahead expecting elaborate plots and characters and the's just 55 words after all!!! They're typically me, is all I would say. I don't even know what happens next, so don't bother asking.....just make your own endings and contexts for them. Yep....that's a style ripped off blatantly from Archer....but at least I acknowledge it :-)

Story 1

It seemed stranger and stranger each time he thought about it. He’d never really had the nerve to do it. This time would be different though. Slowly his finger moved to the trigger. He looked at the reflection of the two prone forms in the mirror and smiled. Yes, this time it was for real…..

Story 2

The whispered words said it all. It had been like that all night. Soft words in his ears, in the wind, reminding him of those that had passed this way before him. He smiled and the tears welled up. Well, he could allow them now, he thought as he swung his feet over the ledge….

As for whom I tag after this.....well, you can all heave a deep sigh of relief....coz none of you need to fear a tag from me. None of you other than Neeta that is :-). Yep, I do have a bit of a sadist hidden within me as well, you know ;-)


Anonymous said...
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Darth Midnightmare said...

I HATE SPAM!!!! even blogs aren't sacrosanct...this is crazy!!!!

neeta said...

Why am I not surprised? Why did I know that I was going to be tagged soon as I saw you'd been tagged? Sigh!

But it's not fair! And why only me? Why not others? What have I ever done to you? Mean, mean, mean!

Anyways, it shall be picked up, though maybe not immediately. Am terrible at storytelling.

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