Wednesday, October 05, 2005

When The Dreamer Awakes

I've never written anything when feeling light-headed. I wonder at times what the feeling what would be like. And then of course, it strikes me that writing something when feeling light-headed is probably the toughest thing possible. It's easy to see why, of course. I mean, when you're feeling light-headed there are a lot of things you really don't want to think about. There are so many things that you just want to ignore while you just lie back and smile and indulge yourself in the moment that is....

I guess there are people who do write when in that frame of mind of course. But when I say "write", I mean write something sensible.....not something like:

My heart was tied into a knot,
When that rose to me she brought
And to myself then I thought
How precious this was that I had got

I mean, come on, this is such bullcrap!!!! No offence meant, but I came up with this as I was writing this post as an example of something that I wouldn't call writing....I mean, this is written more as something a person writes to "prove" that he is a "poet"! Or of course, by those wannabes who try to show that they can make "music", par example, the Backstreet Crap, Michael Learns to Fart, Crapzone, Take Crap, Crap Girls, Michael Balls-off (aka Bolt-on), Frying Adams etc etc......

What I meant rather was something that could sum up the elation that fills the soul at certain moments. The feeling of suddenly rising above something and looking back and knowing that what happened is over and what remains is good......and can only get better......wonder if I could ever write something like that......I do wonder.....wonder why, but I wonder....(Yes, R, this line's borrowed from you ;-) )

Singing under sea-green skies,
Standing atop a snowy peak,
Beads of sweat mopped from a brow,
That surveys sand dunes and ecstasy

Joyous gait won’t see the pain,
And I will pierce through the haze,
Blood-red clouds that part a veil,
Hiding in which you call me insane

Darkest snow and whitest black,
Purging me; leaving nobody behind,
But still I smile when you see me,
Health kills me with infirmity

Earth afire, burning bright,
Sun left to while away a wasted being,
Let the rulers that were be these stony walls,
Let your feet defile the dead queen’s throne

Kill the dark; switch off the lights,
Turn off the bulb and in the chair recline,
All I see in you, I could not buy,
Just give a dollar and get a dime

But maybe you’re taken in by me,
Two simple souls in this fantasy,
Dyed in different hues and shades,
We look the same in every way

Stretch my hand out through the bars,
Snatching away from you the doll,
Now it’s mine, but am I yours?
Mopping the spilt milk from the floor

There you stare; here I smile,
Hidden in my truth your lie,
Still you ride high up in the sky,
No longer do I wonder why

Try again; try one more time,
For nothing but to help me deny,
My time has come; my moment’s gone,
Throw it up in the air, I’ll fly tonight

Where nightmares lived you came as death,
Where time stood still you helped forget,
Run those fingers through my hair,
Look into my eyes, you’ll find me there

PS: I hate this one.....It sounds like a nursery rhyme at points....yet, there's something in between that's made a huge difference to me......


Anonymous said...

can't believe u wrote smthg like:
Run those fingers through my hair,
Look into my eyes, you’ll find me there
am sure u were sooper dooper light headed while writing that :)


Darth Midnightmare said...

Actually I couldn't believe that myself....but then there is no "you" in that at all.....and no, I was not light-headed :-). Just thinking on a different plane (and yes, the pun is intended). Somehow, when I am flying, things look different......that's true for anyone who is flying of course :-).....

Oh, this is gonna sound sooper dooper light-headed see, as I'm flying it occurs to me that perhaps the song I am listening to right now, would be a nice dedication to Ms. Derkins......The Art Company's Suzanna.. ;-)

Darth Midnightmare said...

Oh and yeah...the verse before that actually ends "I'll fly tonight...." :-)

Anonymous said...

why do u always post at around 2:00am ..sort of strange ....though a poet can best understand his thoughts ...the pun intended i guess are not easy to decipher though!!!

Anonymous said...

thank u monsieur! n here's a cheesy dedication to u...billy joel's everybody loves u now :D...c'mon 14,293 hits!


Darth Midnightmare said...

@Susie: Merci beaucoup, mademoiselle :-). And so, here's another one for you, Susie Q by CCR :-)

@Anon: Ummm......maybe coz that's the only time when I have enough time to sit and type stuff out? :-) And me a poet? I don't think so......don't think I am anywhere close to being a for the pun....well, it was 'plane' to me :D. Howz dat for a pun now? :D