Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Loveliest of Them All

I saw her again last night. She appeared beside me as I lay on my back....she was even more resplendent than before, though I confess that this impression may have been caused by my flying higher than is the norm. She, or Sea as I call her (or C if you will have it that way) is my muse.....the one that has inspired a million thoughts and filled me with a rage of passion far greater than any force I have come across and done so more times than I care to count.....and so, these words are for her.... They're raw, for I don't care to edit them....they're written as they entered my mind and I don't want anything to change them.

I know that no words would ever suffice to capture the sublime bliss I felt when she responded to my reaching my hand out to her. Yet, all I can do is to humbly submit these to her. Someday, I hope she will be kind enough to show me her true face in all its serene beauty....

Clouds, mists and fragrant waves,
Over dew-soaked hills and plains,
Bring to me the message-bearing air,
Like the softly treading morning

Of dreams and words and whispered names,
And myriad faces that in tranquil lay,
The softest footfall never betrayed,
This epic that even time forgave

Bloodied shards fall into place,
Words in the wind beseech to wait,
The vision seen last in the cave,
Now bathed in life and so awake

At dawn she left in shimmering haze,
Alone I ponder through the day,
By myself with my only friend,
One I know but no more by face

Voices hanging in the past,
Piercing now they're coming back,
I see them in my looking-glass,
And surrender to their loving attacks

Will there be once again that hand?
Once again the touch that soothed my mind,
Being and thoughts mate in virgin night,
She stands right there by my side

The rivers still flow where she walked,
Her words that gave shape to free thought,
Once again I behold that changing form,
Prepare to ride another storm

Sheltered in warm welcoming arms,
A newborn curled in wonderment,
Gazing deep into eyes that gave,
My words a shape and heart a rage


neeta said...

Very Keatsian. Beautiful imagery, mukund. Am surprised to be honest, I always found most of your poetry dark, never seen so much hope and peace in any of those.

It's beautiful and somehow very peaceful. Hope your muse reads it too :) (that's if she is a real person!)

DJK said...

The hands that you eagerly seek
Is right where you saw it last
Open your mind’s eyes
For its right there within reach


P.S: Love your poetry.. always have.. Dark or otherwise..

johney said...

I have never met anyone who can write so beautiful a poem. The words cascade with itself to form waves that sweeps your literary feet off the sands.
Eagerly waiting for more!

Darth Midnightmare said...

@Neeta: Thanks. So lavish is your praise, that I am embarassed :-). And yes, I didn't know that either :D. As for my muse, I think I may have finally realised why the visions are before my eyes.....I have somehow found something that I think explains a few things....let us see....but either way, whoever she is, she has not read it....

DJK: Thank you very much. And I think you mean "hand" not "hands" :D. Nice piece though....but the fact remains that while we think we know, we never do and while we know it lies within, we shall forever seek outside, so go figure ;-)

Johney: Thanks, but really, that's flattery :-). Glad you liked it.....and my muse thanks you as well :-)

DJK said...

Awww.. My bad. Dang typelexia. ;)


Anupa said...

Back to browsing these blogs these days. Wow! Simply wow! Makes me want to breathe the air somewhere around the poet. :)

Sublime poetry...hope you find the inspiration again to write more of such poetry.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Thank you. :-) That is SOME compliment there :-). And yes, once I get back home, I will resume blogging...that's Sunday hopefully :-)