Friday, September 23, 2005


Who is that, if not the same as you?
Every little thing that you wouldn’t do,
For every moment in time that seemed lost,
Every drifting life that you thought was yours,
Keep it all pent-up inside,
For you never know which one will die,
Leaving for the place that you left,
Returning to destination nowhere,
Feeling the numbness of death
Was this all that was to be found?
Or is it the beginning of it all

Throw it all right back now,
Keeping only guilt for the new dawn,
Why feel that you missed the point?
When everything was so clearly a joy
Someday you too will awake,
That day when the dawn won’t break,
When the fishbowl crashes to the floor,
Know that the life of the goldfish is yours,
Breathe in the emptiest full space,
Exhale into the world you create

Crowning an emperor unknown,
Unable to see what was his own,
Trying to read what you’re not meant to know,
I’m confusing your thoughts with my overload,
Trying to break through the veil you made,
Words choke your voice and tears turn to hate,
Wanting to need or needing to want,
Possession was all; now there’s no more a demand
Feed me; my hunger you’ll never satiate,
Kill me; or pay for the unpaid debt of hate

Incited by the roads unlit but patrolled,
Drawn on like the moth to a flame untrue,
Darkness left as to the unknown you beckoned,
True light is a lie, for a metaphor it’s always been,
Heat strikes; lie dies, the curtain’s fallen now,
Walk back too long, forward is lost,
Hold me, you screamed when despair, it had struck,
Teach me now, what you saw in my eyes
Rolling a hope and puffing the dream,
Waiting to see if that’s all in my realm....

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