Sunday, September 18, 2005

Blinded By My Eyes

"I'm paranoid that some day I'll find that I am one too."
"Naah! I don't see that happening."
"Hope not man, I wouldn't be able to live with'd screw me up...."

Sometimes the worst fears we have are self-fulfilling prophecies. Perhaps it's beacuse we refuse to face them....or maybe it's because we spend most of out lives running away from them. It's natural I guess.....after all, what do you do when a man-eater sets on your trail....provided that you're not a hunter carrying a 12-bore.....

"No one screws you up.....We're the only ones that screw up our lives....we're the only ones capable of having that effect..."

Changes a lot of things when you look at them that way, doesn't it? After all, it suddenly removes your ability to blame pointy-haired bosses, God and even the milkman.... Hell, it just sent every existing crutch flying straight out of the window..... But, how easy is it to live with this philosophy? Don't we all need a crutch at some or the other? Having to blame yourself isn't the most appealing prospect....nor is it one that comforts you when you need comforting....

"Ever wondered if you're the one that's wrong?"
"Yeah, scary huh? But then, I don't have firm views on anything, so I guess that prevents my falling into the category of those whose beliefs are wrong."
"Is that a firm view?"
"Of course......oh......ok, wait..."

Yeah, most of the time you're so busy finding stuff to back your own theories, you completely miss the point. After all, who can think like a moron? And a moron is exactly what he who disagrees with you is, right? Why else do you try tio "talk sense into him"?

On a more serious note, will someone please explain to me why female singles are permitted into discs and stags are not? If we're so damned committed to this equality of the sexes thing, well, how equal is this?????


Vidhi said...

hi mukund!! i agree single males not being allowed into dics is unfair! i've never been to dics...but logon se suna hai...

Neha said...

we're the ones responsible for what happens in our lives... by our decisions and choices..everyone else only contributes. n if we realise that i dont think we'll need the comforting.. accept it and move on.. but then arent there times when u suffer bcos of some1 else's mistakes.. wat do we do then?

oh and i think the number one reason y stags r not permitted in discs are cause female singles are not troublemakers.. or maybe not as big troublemakers as stags :P