Thursday, September 22, 2005

Free Prisoners Of Chance

Billowing clouds of acrid smoke,
Rise from fingers ashen as the Earth,
Enclosed within open fields,
Waiting to see what can't be seen,

Forests, winds and stormy lair,
Hiding beneath what's truly there,
With the sight of third remorseless eye,
Came the sight of a world fading

Clawing away at stony walls,
Adding to lines the eyes now see,
Glimpses of the night before,
Inviting the hand to try once more

Arrogance of humble mask,
Eyes showing still a lingering fear,
The holes won’t close; they never could,
Widening with every passing year

If winning were eternal vice,
Would you kill the desire?
Would a wall threatening to fall,
Pull me deeper into the mire?

Wilful striking down of the other,
Not a thought of self-deceit,
Sight gnawing, trying to break free,
Building a chained fraternity

Still as sightless as at the start,
Still seeking me out for who you are,
Could chasing ever reach the tail,
Every move forever pulls away

Enchanting me, eluding me,
Freeing me to chained captivity,
Draping the view to the lonely truth,
Smiling within at your misery


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Modon mittirer mishti khabo kothaye pabo?

anupa said...

Wow again. One and only word to put it succintly: Sublime. I seem to enjoy the poetry posts the most. Keep writing.