Wednesday, July 06, 2005


"For every hero, there must exist a villain". Don't know why, but suddenly this line came to my mind today. Took me a while to figure out where I had heard it, and then it struck me as being all the more odd that I should have suddenly recalled it, because I saw the movie only once, and that was years ago, when it was released (and I was very disappointed with it, like all fans of the first part).

Anyway, the more I ponder on it, the truer it seems actually, and the way we live this line, seems to explain a lot of things around us that at different times frustrate, delight, depress and occassionally just occupy our time. Yeah, we're all a bunch of hypocrites deep down. Like, you bitch about others being "bitches". Seems odd when put that way, but think about it and I think each one of us would have to admit that it's the truth.....we've all done something like that at some time or the other....

And that's exactly where this fact comes in. All of us need someone or something to hate. It's life. Everyone has a set of beliefs and notions. Furthermore, each of us has illusions that we deem to be real, to be true, and to be the definitive rules by which we live our lives. One of these is the notion of heroism. Why do movies appeal to us? Mind you, I am not mentioning any particular movie, it could be any! Why do "real-life heroes" as the press calls them, appeal to us? Because somewhere deep down, we want to be them or emulate them, or at times, somewhere we like to feel that they are just reflections of us......that we're the same or would be the same, just that circumstances played into their hands and not ours.....

But you can't really believe in "good" without there being "bad". I mean, who would Bruce Wayne be if there was no crime in Gotham City? So it is with everything. And so it is, with day-to-day life. We like to think of ourselves and those we like as "right" or "good". We're the heroes in our eyes. We're the ones that live right, that think right......that are right!!!!

But to justify this, inevitably, there have to be the others.....those that are everything we are not....the "villains". We create them. We perceive them all around us. And we hate admitting to ourselves that we could be wrong. I'm not talking now about forming "impressions" about people. We do that anyway. But we also decide who's the "bad guy". I can honestly say, that as much as I may pride myself on being "objective" and trying to be "unbiased" when I interact with people I don't know, once I decide a person is one of the "others", there's hardly anything anyone can say or do, to convince me otherwise. It's all subconscious, but it happens.....and it almost never strikes us that this is what is happening....

You don't consciously think of people as "villains". You just call them "assholes", "weirdoes", "pseudos", "wastes".....whatever......but you do.....

Sample this conversation. God knows how many times I have heard this being said....and heck, almost all of us have probably said something like this at some time or the other....or done something like that and justified it to ourselves like this...

"He's such an asshole. Know what he did yesterday? He blah-blah blah..."
"Chuck it dude. He is like that. Why bitch?"
"I'm not bitching....He really did that...and I just found it totally screwed I told you..."

Yeah....we all need a villain...and let's face it. What's the harm? Life would just be so damn boring without them. After all, whom would we compare ourselves with? Whom would we look at to feel good about ourselves? Oh, and a rider....this "villain" doesn't have to be someone else....very often, it's your own self....happens with me all the could be a facet, or the past.....or the voice within.....


"What's happening?"
"That's the problem, isn't it?"
"It always is..."

How true....


dfg said...

Hi First time dropped in thru momentary lapse.
true man...its human nature....sometimes after the incidents like those( bitching etc)i will feel like ...what was i thinking? wrong am I....and felt realy bad at times
nice blog u have man.. will visit again

anil said...

True indeed. You always need to hate someone in order to love yourself.

Anyway nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

“…for every scoundrel there is a hero..”...Abe Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher. The other way is the gangsta style :)

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend once.

Me: yeah...there were very few girls in school compared to boys
She: Thank god! The lesser the no. of bitches the better
Me: helllloooo????
She: whaaaaat???? It was better for US right?

OK. This is just one small silly conversation. And about school trivialities. But the “it was better for US” part is a deep statement if if if you extrapolate it to deal with every aspect of life….everything you do, say, feel is wrt the self. But then of course, there’s no other way to live( for normal people…not Jesus Christ ). At least I can’t be disconnected from my ‘self’ for even a minute.

I don’t agree with you when you say ‘we’re the heroes in our eyes’. There ARE people who repent. There ARE people who don’t always think ‘I’m right. I think right’.

As for classifying people as ‘wastes’, ‘sad’…well….’sad’ is my favourite word for people I don’t even wanna know. But yeah…when I think of it seriously, by calling people ‘sad’ maybe I’m just trying to make me feel good about myself….hmmm….but but but…

Thoughtful post though. Hey…Try and continue the Mars thingy…that’s what got me hooked on to this blog.

Susie Derkins

Darth Midnightmare said...

Tks Prakash. Bingo Anil...and tks for the welcome ;-)

Susie: The repenting part you mention is all a part of it....the fact that you repent makes you proud....and it makes you feel you're "right" now!!!! You're right because the past you was "wrong".....there you are....the point I made about the vilain being you at times....

As for the Mars one on its way actually,....sometime soon :-)


Darth Midnightmare said...

Oh and yeah, Susie, I said didn't I? We CAN'T be disconnectedfrom ourselves...and frankly, there is no reason I see why we SHOULD be either....I'm quite ok with this scheme of things, thank you....just that I feel it's nice to know the whys and wherefores :-)

Falconmyst said...

In all the horror in the world the surrivors always remark how gratefully blessed they are in "at least being alive." In saying that it's almost ironicly amusing how we allow our lives to be redirected by the illusion.

How important would mundane matters be if ZOMBIES were real?

Neha said...

Does thinking of others as villains make us feel better abt ourselves..hmm..well maybe, when we see someone do what according to us is not right.. we probably feel good abt the fact tht we did wats right.. but then all thats right is relative..