Saturday, April 29, 2006

For Excess of a Nail

There are moments that last and those that don’t. Of the latter all one can ever recall is the fact of the existence while the former seem to define existence. Were it an empire I were charged with, perhaps I’d dwell on it longer than the vastness that confronts me now…

Standing on the porch gazing ahead,
For all that you try the eyes won’t see a bit,
The answers are close but would you dare to try,
Take a step forward or embrace the safety behind?
My life is a veil, my words a cloak,
Is there a crowning glory or a closet to behold?
A mind torn in half will you ever be,
Or a nestling staring down from the tree?

I walk you to the edge of the demon’s lair,
Is he a frightful spectre or are your fears to be feared?
Could you take a ride without the net,
And live in abandon with disaster’s silhouette?
Again and again the eyes cast restfully around,
When the mooring cut is there no shore to be found?
A hand outstretched, a life to forsake,
A peaceful sleep or a life of unrest?

Precipices stare up to greying skies,
The rope holds him back as he screams out in joy,
A father’s wish forever a curse,
When my list is all ticked, will my voice still be heard?
Your silence speaks to me a million words,
But the days still pass in a single blur,
The wait seems long; not as long as the time,
That I took to blink and put out of my mind

Standing tall atop the fallen ruins,
Seeing death of dreams and dreams of the real,
Painting the skies and darkening the stars,
The shroud fell again and hid away the unseen,
What eyes can’t see and minds never read,
Banished to the lands of the heretic’s realm,
The empire’s gone and all that remains,
Is the seal of time and the memories of pain


Anupa said...

Wow. Something just comes plucking at the readers deep inside. And enjoyed that feeling!

Try publishing these. Blogs are sort of limited in its reach to readers out there.

Am a great fan of your poetry, in case I haven't mentioned before.


Darth Midnightmare said...

@Anupa: Thanks. As for publishing, am flattered :-).

Ravi Kiran said...

Sorry but at least you should have mentioned that you have plaigarised this!it a poem from audos huxley.Dont follow kavya!

Darth Midnightmare said...

What the f*ck is the matter with you? I presume you just thought it would be a cool idea to write crap like that comment huh? If you think it's lifted from any-freaking-where at all, please post the link. Open dare. Bollocks to you.