Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Midnightmare Summer's Dream

At times days pass before sleepy eyes in a haze while at others you’re left to rue the procrastination that saw them do so. Some die trying to reach higher while others die just the same while searching beneath. What would life be if we were just to break free of the fetters? What thoughts and emotions would one feel when looking back at one who didn’t?

Standing afar in a sheltered place,
Staring at the beauty of visions revealed,
In places that I’d never seen before,
Though I’ve been closer one time and more,
Turn the eyes; vision’s what you make of it,
A songbird shrill in tuneless verse,
A symphony of melody,
Were the dead we, or the rest of humanity?

I smile at you when morning dawns,
Soaking in the hatred of your loving smile,
With those few words of cheer and hope,
I know you’d rather that I died,
Shrieking out in honeyed vein,
The voices speak of a discordant pain,
Was that sleepless dream a lifeless me,
Or reflections of what you had seen?

Chasing down the shadows of days,
That mesh and take the hurt away,
When darkness brought with it the rain,
It never cleansed though wounds didn’t remain,
Lost in the cesspool inside,
I seek though I know I’ll never find,
Would you know, were I to hide away and smile,
What I sought; coz you’re still outside

The signs remain ever deep and real,
We make of them what wills make believe,
A sliver of hope, a shred of remorse,
You’ll turn back when you wish for more,
Through the storm I emerge once more,
To the welcoming arms of the ocean’s floor,
Serene as the swaying bough may seem,
Twas a midnightmare thought turned to a dream

Morbidity attracting me,
Your misery in happiness so blinding and real,
Leave me to be and try to see,
When you became the one you hate,
What Gods there be shall cease to smile,
Witches will weep and angels die,
When the seas begin an upstream ride,
Perhaps some day you’ll catch my eye


Anupa said...

Love the title of this blog.

It's a treat ,your poetry. I keep checking back in, to look if there's something in verse.

Do write more.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Thank truly flattered. As for the title, it sorta leapt out at me ;-)

Anupa said...

The title leapt out at you...:-)) of course...nice...I mean, that you pick the precise phrase to convey's summer wherever you are...Mumbai??

Darth Midnightmare said...

Yep, in Mumbai at the least for the next few days. As for how the summer is, well, outside of the protected confines of the air-conditioned places, it's HOT!!! Am managing to 'chill out' though ;-). Where are you from, if I may ask the question?