Tuesday, July 11, 2006

With Finality Begins Eternity

Why try to look beyind when you can't see a few feet ahead? Does the mind ever tarry a moment to ponder over the beauty of a life that lacks nothing but a life? Maybe it's only a kind of fear, but there are moments when the endless ocean seems to hold less secrets than a body shorn of all covers but one...

They want to be somebody and then blame me,
For every time they tried and fell,
And every bruise of which they don't tell,
For every smile they faked and then hid,
For every time they tried to themselves forbid,
And when they looked and saw the time,
Realising the years that had passed behind,
But then it was all just an accident

The spirit rose but the wick had burnt out,
When you're afire, would you lie back and sigh?
But of the promise that I had held out,
They betook only the part of which I lied,
Where they sought, they found it all,
Yet what can you find when you're blind?
If truth be told, they'd sooner I die,
But they linger in hatred and hilarity

When the dark is made of pure light,
Take a leap lest you open the eye,
For it was never meant to be the way you see,
I'm hiding lest you get me in your sights
They seek a Grail they'll never find,
And stand tall where great men crawl,
The everlasting irony,
Will haunt the one that glances down

Await the day you dig my grave,
Await the day you carry me away,
Maybe I was just that hateful slave,
And maybe I was the gift you gave away,
Wanted not but wasted still,
A mind so full it saw in life peril,
Take it to the one that haunts my dreams,
Forsake the pain and rest six foot deep

It burnt, it pained and singed the hair,
Yet the parting never was betrayed,
Could a ditch ever take me full,
Or would it be the dance floor?
The music plays and tears them apart,
The words will swirl for Eternity,
When facing the lie no one could ever buy,
Every joy will rest on mourning

Still the one remains apart,
Twisting away from the feeble tries,
They encircle and raise victorious cries,
Before finding once more a denial,
That caresses a self lost in another,
Yet that last ember it can’t find or kill,
But when die is cast and Fate unfulfilled,
The toil still never will be uphill

To find a peak let’s go rushing down,
Leave the guide behind and seek what I hide,
When hands that laid the peace to rest,
Rise to exhort another pause in life
Hallowed is what lies beneath,
A tear unstained, unfelt, unseen,
Just as they seek the liar’s dream,
Of what I speak you’ll never feel

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