Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Big F*ck You To Peace (Alternative - Of Terrorism and Impotency)

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"We make no distinction between those who comitted these acts of terrorism and those who harbour them"

"In this war, there are only two sides. With us or with them"

Statements made by GW Bush after 9/11.

If only India had even a shred of pride, a response would be given. To date, not one person has been even convicted in the 1993 blasts case. Pakistan continues to be a target for "friendship".

To date, India has yet to mount even a single pro-active campaign against the bases of any single terrorist organisation, barring the terrorism in Punjab.

To date, India has yet to even label Pakistan as an antagonistic nation.

India continues to spend hundreds of crores, nay, make that thousands of crores, every year on defense expenditure. Most seems to go towards the last rites of the soldiers killed by terrorists whom they are not allowed to shoot.

To date, India has yet to display even once that she has the steel and resolve to respond appropiately to any act of aggression on her citizens.

To date, India has yet to inspire even an ounce of fear in any terrorist.

India is the softest of soft targets. It is similar to the scenario where a man rapes your sister, stabs your brother, shoots your father and strips your mother and you call him a brother and try to embrace him. Every day Indians are killed, women are raped and the country is stripped and shamed and every day we make overtures of friendship to the perpetrators.

Sad to say, it is perhaps time that we made it official that Gandhi is not the idol after all. He was a violent man. He turned his other cheek to a slap. We don't believe in such harsh acts. We turn around, take our pants off and bend over before the slap is delivered...except that it is much more than a slap.

How much longer are we to tolerate being shafted? How much longer do we praise the 'resilience' of the Indian people? It's not resilience, it's apathy and numbness. We no longer seem to feel the anger. Instead we continue as if it were just a daily occurence. The way things are going, it may soon become a part of daily life.

Perhaps I am a nationalist. Is that bad? Is it bad to love your country? Is it a heinous crime? Every time an American citizen is taken hostage, the entire nation unites and demands that justice be served and the offenders punished fast and in ruthlessly.

Every time an Indian is killed, we...well...we don't even realise it. Pride? We have none. Post 9/11, say what you will, no act of terror has been comitted on American soil, despite a stream of statements and commands from the snake in the hole, Osama. The war on Afghanistan was a failure? Err...I think it accomplished what it set out to do.

Every act of terrorism is a sort of call to the nation that suffers it, to rise up in arms and stamp out the perpetrators. As long as that is not done, the offender continues to gain strength and spirit.

America showed that even destroying an entire country was not beyond her, if she was attacked. India showed that even self-destruction is not beyond her in her quest for being seen as a 'resilient' and 'peace-loving' nation. Take your pick of which you would rather be. Personally, I'd prefer being alive...and only one of these paths can get one there.

Dawood Ibrahim - In Pakistan
Memons - In Pakistan
Masood Azhar - In Pakistan

The list continues. Yet, of course, Pakistan is a friend! "India must resolve the real issues" was the response of the Paki Foreign Minister to the blasts. For once, I think he is right. India must finally get off her backside and resolve the real issue. And the real issue seems obvious to me...

When a weed is to be exterminated, one strikes at the roots. Perhaps therein lies the clue. It's not as if anyone in this country is blind to the truth. Yet what is vexing is that for the most part, people are now accustomed to shutting their eyes to the obvious...someday the pain will hit close to home...what a tragedy that perhaps the day they join the fight will perhaps be the day that they'll have lost what they're fighting for...


anonychooha said...

What is disturbing apart from the apathy which you mention is the mediocrity with which we approach issues. Some examples to illustrate what I mean by "mediocre":

--After the tinfoil Home Minister who used to at least make the occasional Hard Vani about "proactive", we are now saddled with a Dopey who might as well be wearing his nightgown while READING OUT a pathetic speech after such an atrocity rather than speaking his mind without a text approved by 10 Janpath. In his bland, apathetic statement, he essentially expressed the hope that the "situation will return to narmal".

--After the Ayodhya attack last year, the jihadi carcasses were buried in a hurried manner. Note the totally casual attitude of a senior Faizabad police official, on being questioned about the haste. "Body sey kya milta? We have sent the photographs to the J&K police. Unke paas to puri list rehti hai aise logon ki."

--After the Bangalore IISC attack in which Prof. M.C. Puri was killed, a senior police official informed the media that Bangalore is a "cosmopolitan city" with "people of multi-race, multi-lingual, multi-culture" besides, believe it or not: "multi-sex".

--In 2002, when leaving an Indian airport through a security check, I asked an officer if I had to put my mobile through the x-ray scanner. He replied very decently: "arrey nahi, mobile ko daalne ki zaroorat nahi". I wondered what intuitive powers he had to be certain that the mobile wasn't simply a bogus cover filled with RDX. He obviously thought he was being nice by not inconveniencing me and indeed he was. But he is NOT paid to be nice to passengers. He is there first and foremost to ensure security and do what it takes to ensure that. What he did by letting me off without inspecting the mobile deserved to cost him his career in the government services.

The point is that what we are dealing with serious business for which we expect a serious attitude if little else from government officials, bureaucrats and "ordinary" security personnel alike.

This is the same mediocrity that causes us to fatalistically accept people dying in the dozens.

When will we understand that it is NOT acceptable. That EVERY life counts and EVERY action of ours matters in its most minute detail.

surya said...

It is not only the mistake of the govt. We, as ppl, are failed.
there were big agitatons and demonstrations for "reservations,to ban Da Vinci Code, AIDS awareness campaign" blah blah blah..but not a single people demonstration against the govt to take "action against the terrorists".

we go and pay 150-200 bucks to watch the bollywood movies to fund those bloody movies stars and producers who are blatant cohorts of those mafia ppl. It is an open secret that all our bollywood starts suck up to ppl like Dawood. Srill we love, admire and diefy those bloody morons. Cant ppl just boycott bollywood so that they learn their lesson? cant we boycott the movies of all those "stars" who go to Paki land and sing the song of peace with those terrorists? Rani Mukherjee, Javed Akhthar, Preity Jinta, Shabana Azmi etc have gone to Paki land and spoke as though they are going to bring peace. They always support the terrorism in J&K saying that it is a freedom struggle.

Our govt goes ahead with the "piss process" even though there is no affirmative action from the Pakis. Allegedly, Durjan Singh has warned one of the media persons not to blame Bangladesh as they are our "brothers". Two cabinet ministers in the UPA govt are asking others not to blame Pakis as we dont have evidence.

One of my frns who uncle is a police top brass in one of the North Indian states...told that all these attacks are know much before to all the politicians and police officers. Police cant do anything because of the political pressure and politicans dont do anything because they have already sold thier souls.

So, it is time people start movements. Boycott polls, boycott Bollywood movies, boycott anything and everything related to Pakis. Isolate ppl who support the "piss process and pakistan". Only a people revolution can end this state sponsored terrorism menace.

surya said...

George Bush on Israel attacking Lebanon..
"Israel has the right to defend itself".

Indian Politicans ...r u listening?
Israel is attacking Lebanon because one missile attack from Lebanon killed an Israeli soldier.
Hundreds of people die in Mumbai and our govt is still looking for information. All these so called leaders are impotent and anti nationals. They dont do anything that is good for Bharat. They will even sell their mothers for money...bloody suckers...!!!