Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Big F*ck You To Peace

The post below is not hot-headed. It is written in cold blood. Something has snapped within me and I’ve had enough. If you’re offended by the post or if you don’t agree with any aspect of it, don’t try debating with me because I won’t bother listening to you.

So Mumbai has suffered yet another terrorist attack and we sit by and praise the resilience of the citizens of the great city. People shower praise on the “Spirit of Mumbai” and politicians praise the people for helping those affected in this, the hour of extreme need. Yet I, and I am sure I am not alone, can’t help but feel disgusted by this attitude.

Since 1993, Mumbai has suffered six major terrorist attacks. Websites publish articles on the 5 must-dos and list making of the will etc as the imperatives. Is this all that we can do? Have we no balls? No self-respect? No pride? Are we to accept terrorism as a part of daily life?

The Home Minister of India said he was clueless and would talk to Soniaji about it. The PM said he was surveying the situation, had beefed up security in Delhi, put several areas on high alert and was scheduled to meet…yes…Soniaji. Who is that fucking bitch anyway? The c*** holds no position of any authority and is a damned nobody. In this hour, why is that c*** the one being consulted? What does she know about the situation anyway?

Yet, let me not diverge from the point I was getting at. When George W Bush addressed the US of A in a state of the nation address after the 9/11 attacks, he made a statement that is etched in my memory. “We make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbour them”. I became a fan of the man who wrote that line as well as the ideology behind it.

When Parliament was attacked, I awaited similar steel from the Indian Government. It started off all right, but then fizzled out. Then there were serial blasts in Mumbai and once again I awaited a show of pride. Now, there have been serial blasts yet again in Mumbai and all I feel is despair. Is this what we are? A nation of impotent peaceniks with no pride who are just waiting to be hit by terrorists whom we would rather call ‘militants’ lest we offend them or their masters?

I for one can not understand the national psyche of India and Indians. Let’s see now. Dawood Ibrahim? In Pakistan. The Memon brothers? In Pakistan. Masood Azhar? In Pakistan. Terrorist training camps? In Pakistan. So, what should we do? Umm, have confidence-building measures with the country and try enhancing trade with them. Love them and say that they are great, friendly people. Yeah, makes sense. Fuck you too.

I hate Pakistan. Want more? I think every single Pakistani without exception should be exterminated in a war that would put to shame the WW2 casualties. I also think the ungrateful extremist bastards in Bangladesh should be annihilated for the role that they now have and their al-Q links. Want still more? I think I am being nice. Personally, I’d like to torture the miserable bastards to a slow death over a week’s period…

I also think that India should stop all defence expenditure if we are not going to follow the course of action I described above. We have an impressive array of arms and weapons, not to mention missiles, tanks, aircraft etc. Yet, if we are never going to use them, why spend on them at all? Deterrent? Excuse me, but it kind of works as I will outline blow:

Someone comes up to you and taunts you. You don’t react. Then the person taunts and insults your race, religion and family. You still stay impassive. Then the person slaps your parents. You try to make friends with the chap. Then that guy rapes your sister, stabs your father, shoots your brother and strips your mother. You try to embrace him and call him your brother. If that is what a person is like, then I think you’d agree that any money this person spends on a gym or buying a revolver is kind of a waste?

Now, while that example may seem extreme, it is exactly what has happened with India. People are killed, women are raped and the country is stripped of its pride in each of these attacks and yet we respond just like the loser in that example. Makes sense now?

I know that people are going to talk about how war is senseless and never resolves anything. All I can say is that this is untrue. If a war is fought and seen through to its end, it works. Look at WW2. And let’s also acknowledge one fact. At times, war is the only solution. How does one deal with those harbouring terrorists? If someone can outline a plan that will work, I’ll gladly tear it apart. Want an example? Look at that disastrous attempt that was made by the previous government in Kashmir, when they declared a ‘unilateral ceasefire’. Huh? Why wasn’t I surprised at what followed? Terrorists want nothing less than to own you. Where is the middle ground then? They are extremists and the only way to deal with an extremist is in extremes!!!

They are governed by no laws and make a mockery of the ones that govern us. Murder, for them is the aim. Will they ever be satisfied? No! Their existence is based on finishing ours. In that case, for me, it is damned simple. Better me than them.

I think it’s time to say that enough is enough. We’ve lain down far too long now. We’ve taken all the shit we could and now its time to kick some terrorist butt. Bomb them, nuke them, torture them, but kill at any cost. They deserve no mercy. Balls to bloody human rights. That’s a topic I will address later though.

How much longer will we continue to just talk about resilience and spirit? Is that what life is about? Ask those dead. Ask their families. Resilience? The biggest example of resilience is that fact that India survives as a nation despite the impotent whores who govern her. I don’t think India is a strong nation. I think India is among the weakest nation in the world and if we fail to respond even now, we will have proved it.

Why is terrorism on the rise in India? Simple. Because by reacting the way India does, India has convinced every terrorist that come what may, we shall not take any action. We do not believe in it. The collective psyche of India is: “Slap me and I won’t turn the other cheek. I’ll turn around, take my pants off and bend over”.

And yes, if you don’t agree with me, I don’t accept your opinion. I think you’re a loser whose self-respect is nil. I think you’re an impotent loser who will never be respected by those around you. I also think you’re anti-national. To borrow a quote from George Bush (much though I dislike the man, he has a brilliant speech-writer), “In this situation, if you’re not on our side, you’re on their side”. After 20 years of seeing impotent bystander reactions and the results, I for one think you’re a lunatic if you still can’t see sense.


Hahaha said...

*whisper* Put you in a position of power and you'd pee your pants. It's hypocrite pussies like you who sit comfortably in your easy chairs and claim to know how the country should be run. Why don't you go out there and act on the shit you're saying, you pansy?

Darth Midnightmare said...

And it's wusses like you that cause the present situation. Talk about being a wuss! You're even afraid to mention your own name, aren't you, you little gobshite?

Check what you said, freak. No sense and plain stupidity. Solutions? Not a freaking trace, is there? Option? Fuck're beneath even contempt!

The Messiah said...

Hmmm interesting post riddled with hypocricy. Funny that you should mention terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar and the Memon Brothers and conviniently miss out on home grown terrorists like Narendra Modi, Bal Thackeray, LK Advani, HKL Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and Dara Singh. Treat them with the same brush I say - yes torture the miserable bastards to a slow death over a week's period ....
A few statistics - 174 people died on 7/11 when those fuccing cowards bombed our lifeline .... over 300 died in state sponsored terrorism in Gujarat - the Mumbai blasts case are solved in a couple of months with a few (random???) bearded guys being picked up and the chief perpretrator of Gujarat is chief minister of the state - some justice i say!!!
Mumbai is finally getting justice in the 93 bomb blast case but what about the Mumbai that had 2 deadly riots just 2 months before the blasts??? Still waiting for justice eh???
What about Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler - still roaming free 22 years after those miserable annhilation of the Sikhs???
Surely all these guys deserve mention in your post???
The very same guy who said “We make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbour them” rightly made a huge noise when Beslan happened but when the exact same thing happened in Qana he said it was done out of self security!! Yea right ... security against 3 year old kids!!!!
I'm all for hunting down those terrorists camps in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or wherever - they have no fuccing right to attack my city and my people but neither do the others either!!!