Monday, July 10, 2006

To Be True Is To Lie...

Why do you take that ‘breather’ of yours every five minutes?
I like it. I like having those few minutes to just relax a bit and think of things other than work.
Do you realize how much time you end up wasting every day because of that? Try cutting that out. It reduces productivity and disrupts concentration.
I don’t think it is a waste of time and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about what you call ‘productivity and yeah, lest I forget, my concentration span is less than 20 minutes anyway. And please stop nagging me about work. I don’t like it. I work because I have to, so stop trying to ‘motivate’ me already!
Don’t you have any pride? Don’t you feel like you should fulfill your potential and do something worthwhile?
Refer above for the first bit and as for the second, trust me, you don’t want to know what I call worthwhile…

You are capable of being so sociable at times! Why can’t you always be like that?
Perhaps the temporal aspect is less relevant in the ‘at times’ which may have more to do with the recipients of the afore-mentioned behaviour.
You know that is not true, so stop fibbing.
Untrue? Perhaps it is, come to think of it, when you say that from a solely grammatical and syntactical perspective, but what about the circumstances that surround such instances? Call it choice or whatever you will, but there is always an environment.
That would be hypocrisy, wouldn’t it? And let’s face it, what I say is also true of purely social interactions.
Some people deserve better and some worse. As for hypocrisy, once again I suppose that depends on perspective and the priority one gives to one’s various priorities…

Why don’t you learn from your errors and just take the plunge for once in your life?
And on the same note, why don’t I try wearing a toga to work tomorrow?
Stop being the clown and think seriously about what I am saying. Time and conviction has cost you so dearly in the past. As they say, ‘Better to bend than be broken’.
Try telling that to an oak tree.
Then stop trying to be an oak tree and learn from a willow.
Then again, perhaps you would appreciate the toga, huh?
Talking sense to you is like trying to break a brick wall with one’s head!
Would you like that toga red or black? Oh and yeah, experience tells me that a lie is generally more flexible…

It’s time you started loving yourself. Nobody can love anyone or anything, unless he or she loves his or her self first!
Yeah, Narcissus was such a great example of that. Ever wondered why the vain are so alone?
It’s got nothing to do with vanity. Everything does not exist only in extremes, you know.
True and yes, I do know that, but could you please enlighten me on that illuminating opening comment? Somehow, the more I contemplate the subject, the less coherent your remark seems to be.
Well, it’s simple. A person who feels inadequate would be so consumed in his own perceived shortcoming that they would engulf his being and become at least a pseudo-reality.
Perhaps a good read on the difference between confidence and vanity is in order for you. Oh and of course, a refresher course on verbosity would suit you well too.

It’s funny in a way when I think about how tragic and melancholy your existence is. It’s funny because it’s the melancholy that makes it tragic.
How do you know it’s melancholy? Maybe it’s not melancholy, but just the way the entire scheme of things pans out. Perhaps you aren’t able to see the other side and while the road there may seem one way, the destination may be the exact opposite. As may the road itself to the traveler…
Err…life’s a journey, not a destination.
Stop giving me clichés. And as far as that crack is concerned, who spoke about life being a destination? It may be a journey, it may be a road, but remember that both those have destinations too.
That’s the point, isn’t it? This is life. It’s not about destinations. Life is to be enjoyed. To be lived! It’s not a trip to a certain point!
And if that is so, then what is death? What is life itself for that matter? Is it really just that interlude that is defined as the span of time between a ‘birth’ and a ‘death’? Or is there more to it than that? Is that ‘birth’ in itself a small part of a larger continuum? What is sleep? Why does one remember things otherwise but not when one sleeps? What is…
*Sigh* There you go again… And perhaps that answers my question more than any other answer you could ever give me…
Or perhaps your question itself has now become an answer…or my answers could have become your question…

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