Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Drifter

What would life be if there was nothing to hang on to? What would you feel if you didn't even know if you were alive or not? What would you feel like if there was nothing left to know? Strangely enough, I don't think we'll ever know that...

Trapped inside an aged youth,
Freshness never hung in the air,
Pull me down with every whim,
Your joy was ever my despair

Walk with breeze running through my hair,
I met the sign of a new rising,
Taking me to where he belonged,
Or was it just another morning?

A dying flame erupts again,
The dormant one sits up in rage,
Passion that ever coursed the veins,
Feeling good enough again

Bring a peace into my storm,
Buy me time to take some more,
Where will is just a heap of wax,
Moulded; it has never been before

Out of sight, yet in the mind,
Words never left memories behind,
Leaving a death known for the unknown,
A salmon going upstream once more

Unmoored and still chained home,
A stallion on the city roads,
The eyes will glaze; the pace will slow,
And cut the light off at the door

Still a beacon shimmering on the waves,
Draws a thought to hopes unfair,
The promise never made, yet killing fear,
The smile that had no place in demons’ lairs

The candle’s gone; the light is dead,
But darkness, it never pervades,
The weary fingers search in vain,
But shadows just like old remain

A downstream run away from the Sun,
Yet another face among those gone,
Like waves that lift and then crash down,
The raft may sink but ships labour on

At lowest ebb of highest tide,
Going past the dawn of darkest night,
Never good enough to stand and fight,
But still so strong as not to die...


Leon said...

That was a neat poem.. well-written and nice-sounding.. :-)

Docs Dope said...

dude, y dont u commit suicide if u r so bloody frustrated with your existence?

Darth Midnightmare said...

@Leon: Tks...

@DD: Dope seems to be right for you...did you miss the "a" out in the middle of the nick? Anyway, why say anything at all? You clearly miss the entire what's the point? And what's the point you're making anyway?

Sayesha said...

Amazingly words and amazing rhythm! :)

Docs Dope said...

abbe, CP mein thapa ke paas jaa kar thoda masala maang... sab milta hai usske paas ;)lest you be frustrated with what you are..

By the way dude, you should get some cosmetic surgery look aweful...yucksss

Darth Midnightmare said...

@DD: Dunno why I am even replying to an absolute loser like you. Your blog says all that one needs to know about just how big a wannabe a**hole you are.

As for my looks, thanks a lot. You're probably bi if not gay and I'm very happy being blatantly hetero. Oh and BTW, "aweful"? What's that? Or perhaps you're a damn vern who never learnt how to spell English words... Quite understandable.

Docs Dope said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice words.. quite an optimist

and wonder what idiot would visit someone else's blog and fight, but then again some people dont have anything better to do :)

Docs Dope said...
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Darth Midnightmare said...

@Sayesha: Thanks :-)

@Anon: Thanks once again :-)

@Docs Dope: I read that comment...good you deleted it...