Friday, March 25, 2005

Over the Shoulder

Exams, yes they're here again, and really, they could not have been scheduled at a better time for me. At times, it's amazing to see how much they help you just turn your focus away from certain things. I've seen two types of exams where I royally screw them up (that's situation normal really) because my brain's just not's too occupied by something else. The other, is where I just use the damn things to focus completely on something other than what's been on my mind....

Most of us are who we are because of what we've been through. Some of us lose belief in ourselves, some lose belief in the people around us and some lose ourselves. When I look back, at times I can't understand the person there. What caused the feelings that were experienced? Where's the naivete? That wide-eyed wonder, the smile and the anguish.....I love the way things change :-)

Pools of tears shed by clouded eyes,
Reflecting a joy that passed with the tide,
Trees flitting by as speeds rise,
Floor stopping the pedal going further

Heading to a land no mortal can find,
Never stopped him from making one more try,
The questions haunt the night, the answer's inside,
The thirsty find too late that the well's dry

When kneeling in servitude before the crown,
Did the urge rise within or was it nothing at all?
Why hold it down, we're all bound to fall,
Survival the key, burying all that's gone

I passed him in the streets and now he's gone,
Taking with him all I had ever known,
When the storm ceased the future was gone,
Or maybe what remained just stood now too tall

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