Monday, September 06, 2004

When Fate Chooses to Die

Is there really a thing such as Fate? Conversely, is there anything called choice? What I have seen is that when people achieve what they want, they say they did so because they chose to, because they made the thing happen. Because they deserved it. When something they hanker for equally or perhaps more, does not come through, oh well, bring out the favourite whipping boy....Fate! It was not meant to be. Kind of takes me back to school and our physics class on the theory of light.

When you need to explain phenomenon X, you say that light has a "wave" nature.....but if you want to explain phenomenon Y, you say that light consists of photons and is not wave in nature.

The point being that we believe in whatever we find convenient and whatever suits our needs at that moment. So we believe in God when we want something or need someone to lean on or someone to blame for the varied injustices meted out to us in life. Ultimately though, do any of these two schools of thought hold any merit? Do we choose anything in life? Is there anything called choice? And is there something called Fate? We reject one of the two in almost every scenario we face in life. So, if certain scenarios disprove both theories, isn't it safe to assume that both are false? If they are, what is the truth?

We spend our lives hankering after things we never achieve. True love, happiness, peace. And these are the very concepts that ensure we never achieve them. Or maybe, it is our approach to them that ensures this constant dissatisfaction. More on that later..... Adios!


Kraz Arkin said...

Destiny and choice - are they mutually exclusive?s your choice your destiny? does it really matter? a song I know goes that - your choices are half chance, so are everybody elses. the blaming of destiny for failure and congratulation of oneself for success are human weaknesses, just like depending on god while hanging off a cliff by a thread one arm. Kurt Vonnegut has a book called the sirens of titan where he talks of an indifferent, uncaring god. Maybe you should read it, and if you have maybe you can post your comments about what you thought. Your writing is definitely interesting.

Kraz Arkin said...

sorry...missed out a part:

though sadly pessimistic. Why do you assume that happiness, true love etc are unattainable? in life, like gambling you have to set your limits and quit when you are winning. Anything less is well a chance you had to take, anything more is a bonus. Greed, not fate or god , is what drives man away from these ultimate ideals.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmm....abt your comment on the first post. I just chose an example. Something most people identify with. And something I just saw happening again. Top of the mind recall, kind of. Personally, I escaped that loop in life.
On the second, well, no, not read the book. Will do, tho. As for happiness and love not being achieved, what I said was that the approach most people take to them ensures that. I do not feel they are unattainable. If I felt that, I would cease to have any reason for my very existence.

Kraz Arkin said...

Point taken.