Thursday, September 23, 2004

And Then a Cynic Was Born

He tied the rope to the door. With the other end he made a noose and tied it around his neck. He had stripped fully. The webcam was aimed at him. He knelt and then leaned forward. The website, still open on his screen described exactly what had to be done. He had the option of going back. He didn't. He really must have wanted to die.

15 odd years ago, a report in the ToI spoke of ragging in IIT-Mumbai causing 3 students to commit suicide in their 2nd week in college. The next day's headline had the story. Vernacular-medium students. Attempted JEE in Hindi. The pressure of not knowing English pushed them over the brink. The debate on conducting JEE in languages began. IIT aspirants all, we debated this too. Conclusion: It shouldn't. Look what it leads to.

A month into Engg and this memory of the past was back. We had several "verns" in our batch. They smashed the myth I had held in my mind for so long. A little extra effort and by the end of Sem-I they were at par with the rest. Engg doesn't require the best English in the world.....a cynic was born.

3rd Year: Rumours surfaced of ragging of a particular guy. 2 days later, he had hung himself. His room was sealed within minutes of the discovery. In an hour's time, a suicide note was found, speaking of a failed love affair. The machinery was in motion. The college could not afford bad publicity. The matter was out of public memory within days. The cynic learnt what officialdom could do, when they wanted to. The parents didn't even get to see the letter. Evidence, they called it.....

This time, it's being called an "experiment gone wrong". He was in the top 25 they say. Officialdom has told us to keep mum. Do NOT disclose any information. He had a "fetish" webpage open on his screen they say. Who knows why he did it?

He had dropped a year. He was an introvert. He had hardly any friends. On his screen was a webpage describing how to hang oneself. Top 25? Experiment gone wrong? Would you keep straining against a rope that was killing you unless you really wanted to die?


Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of 'personnel' Management, Mike...the cynic in his search for truth and reality gets led into obfuscation. the truth is naked, revelations are damaging..the world is much much more managable if covered with a clean blanket...practical education in an IIM...?? it's all there for one to learn...question is which side of the wall we choose to climb and explore !!

Anonymous said...


Pretty disheartening to see your 'Cynical' view based on insufficient information & skewed interpretations.

your (senior) batchmate.

Kris (ask Kraz!)

neeta said...

hey m,

why this sudden n persistent abstinence from blogging? Get your lazy butt back to work and get some writing done!!