Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Future Is My Past - III

Found this among some old papers while I was having my room cleared. A strange coincidence that I should find it today, but that of course begs the question whether there is any such thing as coincidence, which again leads to another train of questions and thoughts that is best left for another day...

Seeing what you never saw before,
That déjà vu you have once more,
Walking off but never turning back,
No helping hand or devil by your side

Buried under the weight of grief,
The smile that breaks brings to the mind,
The stabbing memory of a life,
That happiness strove to leave behind

That footprint on snowy ground,
Impressions never made upon the idle man,
Fingers shake; rings tremble and rise,
And disappear before reaching the sky

You thought you knew but were too wise,
No want required one more try,
Why chase what I never had?
You never lose if you never fight

Lying beside that which never rise,
The death you see was just in my eyes,
When birth’s a myth and life’s a lie,
What can you seek? What could you find?

The doors are closed into the mind,
Don’t care to ask for I know not why,
Just quietly pass and walk on by,
And leave the dead to lead their lives

The foe that rose to slay the lie,
Killed by the fear that walked by his side,
The friend is dead, the foe alive,
Or are they just one in the mind?

The breaths are dreams that froze the day,
And words unsaid hidden awake,
Are these all we’re meant to forsake?
From this sleep no more will you awake


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Hiren said...

You are right about one thing. It is hardly possible to find eight qualities in a single womsn. So why waste time writing about them.