Monday, September 04, 2006

Intent Is Everything

Office seems fast to be replacing the L classrooms as the place where I doodle and ramble on...much to the dismay of those that are later forced to read of course, but then again, it's a matter of choice to read...and not that much a choice to write...somehow, my hands get restless...and then they can't be held down...

It was not without mild trepidation that he considered what he was doing. He was not entirely renowned for being the fastest driver around. Indeed, it would be fair to say that he was perhaps the most cautious that one was likely to find; a man loath to pick up speed unless convinced completely about the lack of any setback, foreseeable or otherwise.

Yet, today had been an entirely different experience for him. Looking back on it, perhaps it had been inevitable, considering the way the circumstances had played out their role. The drive had begun in perfect weather, weather the kind of which he had not really seen before...not in as long as he could remember at least. It seemed inviting; inviting to the extent that he had been conscious almost from the very start, of an irresistible urge to throw caution to the winds and surrender himself to the will of what seemed like a higher power that was willing him on. It had still taken him a bit of time, but he was now rolling merrily along, at a speed that he had not known before, but that seemed not to trouble him in the least on this day.

The estate-owner had heard of him. Not particularly known for moving at any kind of speeds, was the reputation that had floated in. True, the source of the information had been the subject himself, but there seemed little reason to doubt the veracity of these words. At this moment though, it would seem that either the reputation had been left behind, or else the driver was possessed…not that there were too many reasons to complain about that of course.

He had been quite slow when they started the journey and the trip home had begun to seem as if it would take a frustrating while longer than earlier thought. Then, all of a sudden, the Devil seemed to have come over him and he seemed to have floored the pedal. He was taking the curves with an effortless ease now and it was pleasantly astonishing to see how he seemed to be relishing this new experience. A flick of the wrist and a step further they hurtled on. Speed, it would appear was definitely a high he was not disliking…

As they approached the gates of the estate, he became acutely aware of the fact that the journey should really be drawing to an end. There were issues that cropped up, he knew, and decided that it was perhaps best to bring them up now…albeit in a roundabout manner. He slowed abruptly and turned to his co-passenger who seemed to be regarding him with an amused smile. “Err…I think I’m running out of gas”. “That’s alright. I didn’t intend to let you in anyway…” "Oh...ah...well, fine then..." He was conscious of the embarrassment he had caused himself, but was also relieved in a certain way.

On his way, he decided to drive around the outer walls. It was lovely…the sheer beauty rendered him speechless. The contours of the surface, the richness of the surrounds and of course, the exhilarating feeling of bliss and peace were not something that he had experienced before. It was as if time stood quite still and for once, he didn’t want it to move on. Drinking in the experience was like staring into the eyes of Infinity.

Jerking abruptly back to consciousness, he became aware suddenly of his phone ringing and drew to the side to take the call…

“Like what you see?”
“Yes, but it must be said that it reminds one quite a bit about the iceberg.”
“Surely there is less unseen than with the iceberg.”
“Very true, but looking at it from another perspective, perhaps what is hidden is – as with the iceberg – more important than what is so visible to the eye.”
“Well, then it may just be the eyes that need a slight refocusing, or of course, it could well be that the viewer sees but little right now and a slight change of perspective, or of course a shift in the fourth dimension shall bring more wisdom to the beholder!”
“One does see the point you make and must admit that given what has passed and the conviction and belief that one possesses - apart of course form one’s prided appreciation and devotion of all that is so exhilaratingly beautiful - that there is no doubt in one’s mind that what needs to be done, shall indeed come to pass.”
“And why would there be so much faith in such a conclusion?”
“Well, as I would say, ‘Intent is Everything…’ ”


Riddhi said...

Eye of the beholder syndrome or the absolute truth? Just one of the dliemmas we so conveniently avoid by "faith" as you have so appropriately put :)

The eyes see, the heart entices, the mind chastises but the soul posesses... we run on empty for miles, with nothing but premonitions driving us forth... The provebial (and unfortunately cliched) weary desert traveller would run a mile if he "believed" he will find an oasis at the end of it. It's when mirages evaporate they leave cynics behind... but then, even cynics have been known to run again... sometimes they decide to leave fate to fate and drive destiny themselves... take charge as we say... for as someone just said...Intent certainly is everything...

Running Free?

Darth Midnightmare said...

@Riddhi: Extremely deep and exceptionally well-worded, I must say. Yes, it is true what you say about the desert traveller and the oasis, but perhaps the operative terms there are 'mirage' and 'evaporate'. After all, it is but the fact that it is a mirage that causes it to evaporate. And that mirage is borne out of expectation and hope rather than rationality and realism.

Why and when does a cynic run again? After all, cynicism - which in my opinion is but a crude word, invented by those ignorant, for realism - never leaves. Yet, there is the fact that belief that is born not out of expectation or a 'force-fit', but is based on a balanced view of facts, can cause one to gasp at the amazing simplicity of what seemed so the true purity of that which seemed so murky..I guess that is just why some cynics get categorized as hopeless romantics (not in the romantic sense, but for their outlook on life and the occasional forays into the positive) on occasions, for there is always scope for real belief.

Perhaps the difference between being Afraid to Shoot (perfect) Strangers and being a Tailgunner...