Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Victorious Loser

For the first time I am looking forward to going back to college. Not that college suddenly seems so attractive. I just need to get away from here......perhaps I am just running away.....Thanks for talking yesterday D. It meant more than you will ever realize....and R, I saw it yesterday.....we will make it....there is no alternative....

For every sign sought in the darkness of day,
There was an answer that in dusk lay,
For every day that dawned cloaked in red,
There was an eve waiting in black hope to robe,
In darkest realm when suns set on life,
There's someone waiting for rays to show,
When closing minds seem all you can find,
Arms of time are just where I hide

Hordes chasing without, within their selves,
Fingers ever eluding the hands they seek,
Flooded plains tell tales of sights untold,
Eyes beseech embraces they never behold,
Meanings read from dusty runes on stone,
Could not deny the peace of that walk on the shore,
Songs of solitude sung amidst throngs of adorers,
Thoughts fly over the minds meant just for show

Noise filling the mind with unheard sighs,
The body craves the peace we ever it deny,
Paths trodden by the lost seeking home,
Leading only to lands peopled by the forlorn,
Courage unbounded never could be enough,
Dead will denying all that could ever be found,
The lie of the self deluding belief to distrust,
Truth becomes a mystery to the mind in today bound

Slowing mists descend on welcoming lands,
The peering eyes see nothing but a rhyme,
Moving shadows create illusions of straight lines,
A lie shows the path to a truthful denial,
Dreams lead the way to mires of rising shrouds,
Curtains lifting hide scenes of a demolished life,
And when the pyre burns covering wasted time,
An old man sees the fortune of those that have died


Fursat said...

why r u feeling so strange i mean is everything fine with you. nevertheless its a nice poem...

i wish all the luck for ur life..college days are best days of life...God bless u !

Darth Midnightmare said...

Me feeling strange? I'm not feeling strange....as for college days being the best of life, well, I reserve comment..... :-)

Thanks anyway....luck helps (in passing ;-) )....and yeah, I am looking forward to returning to campus.....