Monday, May 23, 2005


Would you say that I am scared,
Because I hide away from pain,
Could you walk out through the door,
And raise your face up to the rain

Smother all desire deep,
Clutch only to what seems now real,
The eyes are closed inside the mind,
Seeing only what was left behind

The past never did really die,
The body’s gone, scars left behind,
The view so real, yet so untrue,
Did you ever feel the rising cries,

And still you run and still you hide,
The fears forgotten but never left behind,
A moment’s sorrow costs a life,
A bliss you never will now find

Wheels of time will roll along,
Guiding away from the shore,
The answer staring in the face
An answer not in the right place

The distant bell chimes seem to charm,
A mother waiting with open arms,
She points out to me the right path,
But I run away into the night


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Anonymous said...

Hi just miss to comment by one sec. :( Rhicha

Anonymous said...

Wow! Brilliant!

Neha said...

what i wanted to say has already been said, i don't want to use 'brilliant' again :)
Seriously, this was really good..

Darth Midnightmare said...

Well...umm.....thanks. :-)