Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just a Dream (Beyond Words)

Been a while since I blogged and it’s not at all due to that mysterious entity we call work, let me assure you. Indeed, I have discovered over the past few weeks that work happens to be the one quantity that one can actually compress to as little as one wants with no significant impact on that other mystical entity that is termed as productivity. Apparently I had it figured out correctly all through… Nice feeling to know I was right.

What though is it like at the time that one does not really have any facts on which to base one’s opinions? However rational one may be – and I certainly like to delude myself with illusions of my own ‘rationality’ – there are always certain notions one holds; certain ideas that are created and that reside solely in the realms of our own selves and that really have nothing more to them than the mind.

What of these notions, the possibility of attainment or existence of which, one can never really be sure? Time, of course, as is its wont, eventually rears its head and reveals all on most occasions. The aftermath of this is something that I would rather not dwell on at the moment, as that would possibly take up a few more reams of paper (ok, e-paper ;-) ), but the period spent in that state of animated suspension is in itself quite an experience.

The highs that accompany the conviction of being right as well as the lows of fearing the seemingly inevitable; the hilarity of watching the optimists who envision the details and the despair of not knowing just what even the attainment may be like. All of these seem to roll into one at times and at other times, each can provide an agony or conversely an ecstasy that is not quite matched by the real.

Even more confusing are some of the random events and situations that confront one from time to time; each offering the hope of fulfillment and yet each creating the risk of losing something that one never really had, but something that is perhaps dearer than anything one does. After all, a vision is never the easiest to give up on…and yet, how can one be said to possess it?

But visions are a must if one is to achieve true exhilaration. After all, how could one exult the same way in winning an objective and concrete reality when compared with achieving something that may so easily have remained just a figment of a mortal brain’s limited and poor imagination? Some things just so completely exceed words…


Anonymous said...

whats ur point?

Anonymous said...

Start dreaming and you will get it

Anonymous said...

Who is dean cooper and why does he think you are Paki?


Anonymous said...

Bass ... where are you ... I thought it would be good fun to read those L-diaries again ...



nikalank said...

all your blogs make an interesting read. I havent written as much, i have a few writing up on

lemme knw wht u think, and would like to discuss a few things if and when we meet...

It was good to bump into your mind online...


apparent said...

Is a reflection all i see
of just another me,
or is it that vision i crave
A glory that befits only the brave.

For who but courage can prod the fire
a scalding heat that torches all desire,
transcending fear is the triumph of truth
the unity of purpose with blissful solitude.

Broken mirrors may distort the picture
but is identity bound by any stricture?
Completion best achieved in the mind's eye,
i never could live the popular lie

An overwhelming duality that shadows all
can leave even a dwarf feeling tall;
but when freed of perception, night and day,
absolute understanding alone illuminates the way!